Technical SEO

The Most Important Piece of The Puzzle.

An integral part of any SEO campaign is the technical SEO, we know that if your online presence isn’t optimised for search engines and their bots, then you performance is the search results will be impaired.

Our technical ability and experience ranges from local small business to multinational, enterprise size organisations with global service providers that require training and leadership.

International and local SEO implementation.

Our skill set encompasses local SEO to multi-national, multi-lingual SEO for global organisations spanning multiple locations and domains.

We understand how to implement web builds that ensure your global business is crawled and indexed by search engines efficiently and correctly to gain maximum visibility.

We understand local SEO to make your single location or multiple global physical locations rank for local searches in multiple territories.

Different users, different devices.

We know that the users to your website will visit on multiple device types and that search engines will emulate user activity and qualify your site on suitability to a users query.

By ensuring your website performs across desktop and mobile device types, in a way that satisfies users and search engines, we will gain traction through the spectrum of ranking metrics.

Multi-platform, multi-CMS.

In today’s web development world there are many different platforms and content management solutions available to suit different solutions and preferences which we understand require different SEO specification implementing to ensure they are fully optimised.

We have experience implementing onsite SEO solutions on a multitude of development languages, CMS and server side technology and custom builds.