Meet The Mobile Mindset.

As mobile usage surges past desktop use, we understand that your marketing activity must have a mobile first mentality. Every part of your content marketing activity must touch each element that will make your content mobile friendly.

Kafker will ensure your existing assets are mobile optimised through rigorous auditing and that standards are set for all communications.

Not only will we make your communication have an enhanced the user experience but we will reap the benefits that surround mobile SEO on a technical level.

Cross device technical ability.

We will ensure that not only your website technically performs on mobile devices but the content marketing activity is accessible on all mobile platforms.

We’ll work with your development team or initiate the changes with Kafker’s technical team to ensure your online assets perform across devices.

Doing any changes necessary at the start of a campaign means that our efforts are rewarded from the beginning which is an integral part of any strategy. Our month 1 audits will highlight changes needed and show you the steps we need to take to make the site perform.

Mobile technical and content user experience.

All mobile and content development crosses into UX, if users can’t use it then it won’t achieve the goals set. We’ll make sure the final destination is not just mobile friendly, we ensure that the customer can use and navigate the website.

We carry this ethos across all our disciplines so the content we produce onsite and offsite is easily navigable means the user is easily directed to your conversion point quickly with little effort.

Mobile SEO.

Making sure your mobile offering is technically and contextually sound is essential for your organic visibility.

Mobile SEO is a core part of any content marketing strategy, with search engines placing a lot of emphasis on quality mobile results, we understand that engineering your mobile offering plays a core role in search marketing campaign.