Marketing Technology

The Right Solution For The Job

With around 3,500 different marketing technologies to choose from it’s our job to match you with the correct solutions to achieve our goals. These technologies range range from communication platforms to manage who you speak to and how, through to content / experience management and infrastructure solutions.

We select the best providers to fit the channels we deem to fit your business and the marketing strategy to build your brand. These marketing technologies will manage your media and communication types, introduce marketing automation into your process and determine how your technologies communicate.

Marketing experience technology

We select marketing experience solutions which will enable us to talk to the right audiences by being in the right place to be heard about products they are interested in.

Experience technologies allow us to produce and display the method of media we need to promote your brand, in ways that get seen and heard by the people that convert.

The technologies allow us to test and optimise by analysing user behaviour and use that data to change onsite, offsite and strategy elements to create a cycle of evolution to ensure strategies never become stale and lacking engagement.

Marketing operations technology.

Operation technologies allow us to research and manage audiences and market insight then compare to final analytical data to allow us to create a circular flow of data and insight, this builds stronger and more targeted strategies.

Data visualisation then allows us to report your campaign performance in ways that make the key metrics easily digestible and allow all parties to feedback on campaign performance.

These operation solutions allow us track and manage projects and teams as well as your documentation and assets, allowing for internal and external participation for users and teams.

Middleware takes the pressure off.

Using middleware technologies to take the grunt work off you shoulders is key to keeping budgets under control and not have to rely on upskilling your company.

Data management solutions can be utilised to handle the processing of user data and market data and additional solutions can be bolted on to these to allow for efficient management of the data.

Storage solution can offer infinite scalability, meaning you only pay for what you need and automate the functionality of its use, taking the stress on management away.