Dare to be Different

At Kafker we believe that being disruptive lets your content be seen above the constant noise of the internet, where users are constantly fed content in the hope something sticks.

We’re not different for the sake of being different, we are different in a measured way which we know will get to the eyes you need to get the engagement that drives conversions.

Lead your market reshaping how to communicate.

We help you discover how to reshape the way your market communicates to their customers, by disrupting the content marketing activity and finding new ways to get attention when the same messages are getting ignored.

We’ll also take your new products whether virtual or physical at the development stage and bring them to life with a disruptive campaign that instantly stands aside from the crowd but in front of the intended audience.

Multi-channel, multi-device amplifies disruption.

Kafker will take your disruptive messaging through all your SEO, PPC, social, inbound and outbound marketing where we than use data to gauge success, refine and repeat.

Doing so leaves us with intimate knowledge of how your customers responds to the different messaging in your different communication channels. We are able to instantly change messages, testing live and responding to the customers needs and reactions.

Creative disruption stimulates the eyes.

Our disruptive voice┬ádon’t just focus on the messaging, being visually disruptive through your marketing will make your brand be seen earlier, giving you chance to speak to customers more quickly.

Visual disruption is carried through your brand communications by creating strategies that use all your channels in a way customers expect.