Digital Transformation

Transforming Your Digital Marketing

If your organisation is undergoing a full digital transformation or simply needs to change the way online marketing is done, Kafker will research how your organisation can use the right marketing channels to fit the organisation and fit wider transformation activity. We ensure you’ll have the skills and knowledge to get buy-in at all levels, with an understanding of value.

Connect with colleagues, suppliers and customers.

We’ll find the people you need to connect with online to add another layer to you marketing functions and up-skill you current organisation to make digital work with your current marketing function.

By segmenting digital channels we can let your people talk to to the right people, in ways that work, by using our collective data.

Innovation of new and existing marketing practices.

All your existing business functions will have a complimentary digital marketing function, by matching the right one’s we can increase the reach of each channel. We will use existing knowledge and insight to add the right digital practices to either coexist or evolve into a full digital functions.

Discovering new digital marketing channels to work with, will ensure your organisation leads the way through being innovative and discovering opportunity. We use information to discover these opportunities and build the into your marketing strategy.

Automate to channel productivity

Marketing automation will make you more efficient marketing to multiple digital channels allowing for a more focused approach to your activity.

By analysing your manual marketing processes we can measure where automation can free up time allowing you to put your hours into tasks that require your people giving you a higher return on investment.