Wake up & Smell The Coffee

Before planning any activity we need to know the numbers, we need to understand the benchmark. By sharing data with Kafker your campaigns will hit the floor running. We don’t just want to know the total, we need to understand what currently works and doesn’t work with your customer’s path to conversion, where they’ve been and where they are going. This knowledge will make you marketing campaigns stronger which increases brand visibility and conversions.

Looking before you leap is always a good idea.

Before starting we undertake a discovery phase to learn about your customers activity, tastes and needs.

This data lets us set KPIs and forecasting across a number metrics in order to give campaigns targets and purpose.

Review and refine keeps us on track.

During each campaign we regularly revisit the strategy and the metrics behind it to judge performance. By doing so we can refine the strategy throughout its lifespan, ensuring we are always working optimally.

When there is a change in the market, we can respond by adjusting the strategy, this means a campaign evolves with you and your customers.

Learn from every experience.

Every campaign we do ends with learn, refine, repeat,the gaps are identified and closed using a different method or channel.

These learnings are shared through your onsite and offsite functions where we look to strengthen the whole.