Online PR

Raising The Outreach Bar

We understand that quality outreach equals quality placement that generate links and traffic. To enable us to acquire high quality placements we employ online PR to ensure we get everything from national and local press to specialist publications with topical high in relevancy.

These quality and relevancy signals build your search engine visibility while the quality and qualified user deliver quality traffic, which in turn deliver more ranking signals.

More than just high quality placements.

We know that when it comes to outreach and content placement, quality over quantity is our mantra. By reaching out to local, national press and niche publications, we secure placements that not only get the right eyes on your brand, but also get the added benefit of high quality links which greatly benefit your SEO campaign.

Making sure we integrate PR, Social and SEO like this our digital campaigns strengthen themselves and become more rounded.

Pre-qualified traffic means double bubble.

Our PR outreach isn’t just focused on the placement with a secured link, we ensure the placements are traffic drivers too. By always looking for the opportunity to get qualified traffic to your site, we will get engagement which gives the opportunity to increase the opportunity for conversion and increased ranking metrics.

Increased traffic also allows us to further promote your content further which helps perpetuate traffic and build relationships with customers, journalists and site owners.

Your reputation precedes you.

Ensuring your online reputation is favourable when users are in the research phase will mean your not dismissed in the first instance. Our reputation management will make sure your brand is protected online and negativity is suppressed beneath the quality mentions.

This form of brand protection will employ¬†can employ any of Kafker’s marketing channels to tailor a bespoke strategy to protect your brand and promote the positive.