Social Media Advertising

Target Those Out of View

Paid social media advertising is another way we can can further penetrate your market, we use paid social advertising for outreach to promote content and your brand to ultimately drive traffic.

The targeted reach this form of advertising gives us lets us be sure about the targeting and timing of the ads. Letting the social networks take care of this enables us to concentrate on the organic social performance and implementation of the wider marketing strategy.

A truly integrated approach.

Using a paid social advertising path to complement the wider marketing strategy opens doors, fuels insight and frees times.

New undiscovered potential customers can be found and exposed to your brand by giving them subtle messaging through the channels they are already engaged with. Be unobtrusive to their daily activity lets us approach them through the right social setting when the time is right with a brand that has become naturally familiar to them.

Divide and conquer.

We segment your users and potential customers and give them differing messages to suit their relationship with you and their position in the conversion funnel if they have started that journey. If they haven’t started a conversion journey then we ensure they have the information they need and the brand awareness for when the time is right.

We ensure our campaigns play the long game, we ensure you are remembered long after any activity has finished so you become the first stop when the time is right.

Take from one hand to give to the other.

Just as we do with all marketing channels, we take the data gain from the activity and use it to refine and explore new opportunity.

Data harvested from paid social activity is used feed other channels where we can then explore the market potential to allow your business to expand into new areas and discover new customers.