Influencer Marketing

Positivity Breed Desire

In world becoming ever conscious of advertising and growing tiresome of it, people are looking to trusted peers for recommendations of quality and trust. We reach out to influencers who have strong online readerships and followers who trust their opinion.

By reaching out to these people and building relationships we build trust and influence which is reciprocated as time passes allowing us to benefit from each other.

Trusted brands rise to the top.

We use influencers to build brand trust through positive sentiment and engagement, building and leveraging relationships with influencers has the knock on effect through the followership

The stronger a followership is within your niche the greater the opportunity to leverage brand noise and gain engagement and therefore traffic, loyalty and ultimately conversions.

Spread the word about your content.

Content marketing relies on social amplification to gain traction within your niche, by reaching out to influencers we enhance the outreach process letting them spread the brand content message to their followers. This frees our time time to work on you platforms, making them more engaging to the influencers and their followers.

Using this process we gather further data on who engages and shares the branded content meaning we discover a new user base and possible influencers.

Grow your channels and potential.

Using influencers to grow your brand and promote your content we learn who to follow with your social channels by analysing the social data to see which users engage and share your content.

By growing your following we reduce the need for reliance on third parties for information and assistance, we learn which channels are strongest and most influential which informs future strategies.