Social Discovery

Scoop up The Plethora of Data

We gather up the vast quantity of data produced by the usage of the social networks to inform our insights and create more robust strategies that can target consumers more accurately.

Social insight doesn’t just inform our social campaigns, we use the data throughout all the channels we work across and share the insight with your teams to inform both online and offline activity.

Social media is an endless stream on information.

We harvest the data contained in not only your social media channels, but those of you competitors and any within related markets that share a customer base with you.

The information available contributes to the who, what, where, when and why of our insights which allows us to build strategies that answer the “how”. This information is constantly monitored as your strategy evolves to enable us to see opportunity and close gaps.

What do they consume and on what device?

By ensuring the information is shared across the marketing campaigns we are able to build content driven solutions that are relevant to your market and will be shared throughout a common user base.

The success that is bred from this data can then be fed back to social interaction, completing a cycle of insight a data acquisition that continues for the life of your campaign.

It's not all about you.

Our social discovery doesn’t just focus on what you have to offer, it’s also about what can be offered to you. Listening and understanding is more important to our campaigns than just broadcasting.

Different users will let you know what they want from social from news, information and location based curiosity are among some of the user intention, knowing what to say and to who can only be understood if the information is there beforehand.