Advocate Marketing

The Pinnacle of Trust

We understand that consumers implicitly trust brand advocates but also understand that a brand advocate lifecycle changes and evolves over time. By monitoring your social activity we can ensure we catch advocates when they are at their most responsive.

Building relationships with advocates is essential to giving their advocacy longevity which is passed through your niche, helping form new relationships and ultimately more advocates and influencers,.

Consumers trust what consumers say.

Brand advocates are genuine consumers who have bought into your brand and will recommend you as their first choice, we understand what motivates these people and we know how to nurture the relationship.

By strengthening the bond between you and your advocates we allow a form of marketing automation, not the type run by machine, the type run by humans who naturally talk about you and spread the brand message.

Advocates have a genuine passion.

Unlike influencers, advocates have a genuine passion for a brand so do not need to be incentivised to talk about you. Having a genuine like of your brand cuts through any cynicism that may come from other consumers.

We work closely with you and the advocates to ensure their passion for  of your brand comes through in their communications.

Integrate to amplify.

We integrate advocate marketing strategies with your broader marketing campaigns to amplify the reach of the advocates, this creates a symbiotic relationship where we both reap benefits from the promotion of your brand.

Using all the advocates channels means we can harvest further insight and data to continuously refine strategies to ensure the optimal performance is achieved and targets reached.