Search Engine Optimisation

Organic Visibility On Mobile And Desktop

At Kafker, SEO is at the heart of everything we do, all our activity will target ranking signals at some stage whether that be content, links or technical SEO. We were a product of the SEO industry and have evolved to touch all aspects of digital marketing so understand that all activity can influence organic visibility.

Our SEO campaigns follow best practice in order to give them longevity and are easily scaled to react to the changing search landscape, using content marketing to acquire links and increase keyword relevancy we increase organic visibility.

Keyword relevancy flows through all activity.

Your website is the destination for your users and search engines want them to have the best experience they can. Ensuring your website is offering the content to satisfy search queries  and has the correct keyword relevancy running through it is key to acquiring organic traffic.

We create seamless campaigns which transverse all marketing activity, creating relevancy to the users increasing engagement which is understood by search engines and quality signals increased.

Targeted outreach builds solid relationships.

We understand the foundation of modern search engines are based on link signals which are becoming ever more refined to ensure quality ranking results.

Understanding the link landscape of your competitor set allows us to build outreach campaigns that target quality not quantity where we know visibility will be increased.

Our data and insights let us efficiently use a combination of channels to allow us to target content, users and organisation in an integrated way that maximises success.

If it doesn't perform, it doesn't rank

We pride ourselves on our technical SEO, from SME to global enterprise size web properties we ensure your website conforms to search engine best practices.

By working with your development teams we understand your web build and the people who make it happen, technical SEO requirements are applied with search engine requirements taking priority.