Who, What, Where, When, Why

Understanding Your Customer

Before undertaking any marketing we must understand all the questions, who are your customer, what do they consume, where do they consume it, when do they like consume it and why do they consume it. Having this understanding of who we need to target maximises success by giving us the understanding of how. How do we build content, on which platforms and where will they be when we want to talk to them.

Who is your customer and who can be your customer?

Ensuring we fully understand who your customer is, allows us to create campaigns that talk to them. We build personas of you customers that creates an image of who they are.

Once we know this, we can reach out to potential customers efficiently by getting the right attention from the right people.

This data will flow back to your internal functions too allow for core strategic adjustments and also sculpt a rolling digital strategy that is reviewed and adjusted.

What do they consume and on what device?

We discover what type of media your customer is interested in, not just the format, but the context. Knowing this will get them to your door and increase dwell time.

In a multi-device age, we know your customers might be using different devices though the different stages of research to conversion. Ensuring we make content that gives them what they want on the devices they use lowers bounce rates and draws customers down the conversion funnel.

Where do they consume it and where do they go?

Discovering where your customers consume topical content allows us to place content in-front of them without having to wait for them to find it.

We also discover where else they are consuming content on other topics which allows us to find new ways to talk to them and find like minded people to approach who may not know you exist.

When do they consume it and how often?

We find when your customers and prospective customers are consuming content, what days at which times, by doing this we ensure your campaign is active when they are active.

Once we understand when they are active we also find out when they share the things they like, knowing what they like to share feeds directly to content and social media strategies which strengthens and rounds your campaign.

Why do they consume it and why would they come back?

By discovering all these elements we are able to build an understanding why they consume the media they do and share what they do. We understand what the purpose is of their relationship is with you, where they are in the conversion funnel and what they are looking to achieve.

Knowing this lets us know how to get them back to the conversion phase or target them with the data and information they are looking for, this ensure you’re at the front of their mind when they continue to the next step.