Learn, Refine, Repeat.

Learning from your activity allow us to build stronger campaigns by understanding the consumer more intimately, allowing us to get closer to them through trust and understanding.

We are analytical with each channel to get under the skin of your user which allows us to focus strategies by stream and not just create umbrella strategies as a means to “catch all”.

Never stop learning.

Every day is a school day at Kafker, our process of learning never stops as we strive to understand your consumer in intimate detail.

We ensure looking at the performance data of each channel is a daily occurrence to allow us to really understand what is going on with your campaign and the users it touches.

What comes around should go around, but better.

After absorbing the data and learning a little bit more each day, we need to do something with that knowledge.

Adjusting the strategy regularly means we are constantly getting closer to your consumer, building more trust and increasing ROI.

Adjusting strategies like this allows us to be responsive and agile within your market, responding to user and competitor behaviour.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

We don’t just make the changes and carry on, changes to our digital strategies are carefully monitored just ensure the changes have the desired effect.

We’ll hold your hand to make sure you’re comfortable with any changes too as we know that any discomfort is pick up by the user. Kafker will train your in-house teams in any new software and communication until you are confident or simply take the burden from you and manage the process here.