Thinking is Only Half of it.

We think differently when there is opportunity to be different, but we also think about what works to gets conversions.

We only put our thinking caps on when we have the data about your market and user. By making sure the way we think about solutions is led by the who, what, where, when and why can we make sure we are making solutions that fit the “how”.

Kafker are informed thinkers, isight lets us see the bigger picture and understand your market and the competitors within it, then think of creative solutions in all mediums and across all channels to get to the front.

Knowing the time is right to be different.

It really is all in the timing, we know that different consumers in different markets will be receptive to disruption at different times and at a different frequency.

We also understand that creativity needs to be sympathetic to where the user is in the purchase funnel to ensure content is helpful and not a distraction from conversion.

Being sympathetic to the channel we are active in is also key to what Kafker do, by making the content suit the channel we ensure it doesn’t look out of place both aesthetically and functionally.

Thinking of the big idea.

Our ideation process follows our mantra “follow the data”, by studying the insight before we start thinking of content marketing solutions to meet our defined goals we stay focused.

We know we need to explore to full spectrum of solutions encompassing all mediums and channels to make the right solution to meet your objectives.

It's not enough to think creatively.

We don’t just think creatively, we also think strategically. If you entrust us to think of solutions that meet your objectives, we must execute them in a way that gets the maximum engagement, influence on visibility or conversion.

By strategically following trends and user insights we capitalise on all our activity throughout the year meaning we create you a strategy that always optimally performing in response to the market.