Don’t Get Left Behind

By making sure we are pushing boundaries and technology we will stay at the forefront in your market and you will develop a reputation as the market leader.

By constantly looking to new technology to promote your¬†brand our digital marketing strategies don’t become stale and uninteresting.

Becoming boring you become the norm, and the norm gets ignored with the noise online of everyone struggling to be heard.

Onsite technical prowess.

We make your onsite delivery not only technically sound, but your content and the way it’s served to consumers simple and effective while standing out in your market.

Kafker will work with your development team or take on changes to ensure you deliver a marketing solution that works for your customer.

Share the love and be loved.

We make sure offsite activity is innovative to ensure placement and uplift of the content, by doing so we build strong relationships with site owners and journalists by benefiting from each other.

Our offsite activity doesn’t just produce content blindly, we make content in a way that stimulates for the purpose of building ¬†brand visibility.

Activity is lead by what your customer wants through the channels they use, we follow your consumer placing content along their digital footpath which is understood by site owners as traffic driving content.

Marketing channel discovery

We understand the online trends change and your customers will change where they choose to go too. Immersing ourselves in your customer’s world allows us to understand where the conversation is happening and where it’s going to happen in the future.

Being able to shift strategy depending on what channel, device and language people are using let’s us be the first to capitalise on new trends and conversations.