Right Place, Right Time, Right Message

Choosing the right digital channels for your business shouldn’t be a case of what’s convenient. We develop digital strategies and the channels to conversion from social media and content marketing channels through to your app or e-commerce solution. ¬†We not only choose the right channels, we brand, publish and message in ways your customers expect.

The right place.

The right marketing channels are the ones your consumers currently use and the ones they’ll use in the future. We can only know this by studying the data which shows us where the engagement is and where conversions come from.

We’ll pick the right channels to use based on the campaign requirements and take you to the customer so you don’t end up speaking to yourself, or just not speaking at all.

The right time.

Our insight will show us when your consumers are engaging and the type of engagement that. We’ll also discover your customer’s channel intent, what channels are used for what purpose.

We’ll align your strategy which the lifecycle of the chosen marketing channel so we are positioned at the right times to capitalise on activity and consumer mindset.

Your strategy will be designed to make you lead how your market communicates with its consumer at all stages of the conversion funnel, this will ensure you are perceived as the market leader by consumers and competition alike.

The right message.

Kafker will take the right message, to the right consumer, in the right channel, at the right time as we know we can damage your brand if we take the wrong messaging.

We understand that marketing through the right channel correctly is essential to achieving the goals defined and take the message or answer they’re looking for and package it correctly.