Brand Development


Digital Communications Branding

At Kafker we develop digital branding or take your existing brand proposition and incorporate it into your multichannel, online communications. We won’t just throw your brand around and hope it sticks, we’ll use data and insight to find your digital brand proposition and inform your marketing channels.

Discovering your world is essential.

Finding your world is key to understanding who lives there and what language they speak among many other insights that help build a digital brand that gets in front of the eyes that matter and stays at the front of minds.

Knowing how much those eyes want difference and how much do those eyes want familiarity will let you position your brand in your market and target customers wants and needs.

Know the competition better than they know themselves.

Understanding the competitors in your world lets you stay unique while staying true to your customers,. We analyse the competitors brand proposition, find the gaps and build on the strengths.

One we know this, we create a proposition that suits your organisation, your people, your resource. This way you’ll stay on brand in a way that suit you and in a way your people understand.

Brand alignment brings it all together.

We understand that your organisation maybe working to a current messaging system offline so we tie your online and offline worlds together to create a seamless customer journey however they find you.

Also understanding brand attachment means we can change your proposition subtly to ensure all your channels come into alignment.